Hepatocare User Reports
HEPATOCARE supplementation has given promising results in most of the liver disorders. It acted as a good supportive therapy in Leechi Disease, Mycotoxicosis and Fatty Liver Syndrome. The author has observed enhanced growth rate and egg production when HEPATOCARE premix was regularly used in feed. Moreover, if HEPATOCARE premix is used in feed at 1 kg/ton of feed, there is no need to add choline, mould inhibitor, toxin binder, B12, Biotin and liver stimulants. Hence it is also economical.
Professor of Poultry Science, TANUVAS, Chennai
HEPATOCARE is very good in over coming problems of fatty liver conditions associated with mycotoxins in the feed. I have also found that regular inclusion of HEPATOCARE premix in the feed improves FCR and livability in both layers and broilers.
Dr.V.S. Narsapur
Poultry Consultant
HEPATOCARE is the product is giving good results as is evident from the trials done at BVR Institute of Poultry Management & Technology. I have recommended to poultry Farmers to use your product and take care of possible molds and toxins in the feed and to use it as a liver stimulant.
Dr. H.C. Saxena
Poultry Consultant
HEPATOCARE is one of the good products of Varsha Multi Tech. It is an effective hepato stimulant and anti hepatotoxic preparation.
Dr. M.A. Mujeeb Ather
Poultry Pathologist
HEPATOCARE is a unique product which gives an immense support to the poultry farmers in formulating good quality mashes to augment egg production, weight gain in broilers and sustained health of the birds. HEPATOCARE when added to the poultry feed, it prevents the accumulation of fat in the abdomen, which is harmful to the birds particularly in summer months. In winter, it alleviates the toxic effect of mycotoxins contamination in the feed and protects the liver from its harmful metabolites. HEPATOCARE is particularly useful in control of Fatty liver haemorrhagic syndrome (FLHS) in breeder flock and commercial broilers. It not only act as liver tonic and lipotropic agent but it will improve the protein quality of feed. It is a boon to the poultry farmers whoever use this product as feed additives in all types of poultry feed.
Poultry Nutritionist
The product HEPATOCARE produced by your company is gaining popularly among the farmers and the breeders of poultry industry. On this occasion, I am sure you will keep up the standard of this product and help the industry in providing such newer products in future years to come.
Dr. R.N. Sreenivas Gowda
Vice Chancellor, KVAFSU