Research - Trial Reports
Influence of HEPATO CARE Liquid
on Broiler Performace and Serum Profile.

Dr. H.A. Upendra
KVAFSU, Bangalore

Influence of HEPATO CARE Digestability
Type of Bird - Venkob Male
Duration - 2-35 Days
Diet - Corn Soya
Replicates - 6
Birds per Relica - 50

Efficacy of HEPATO CARE Concentrate Supplement on
Broiler Performace

Dr. M.A. Mujeeb Ather
Pathologist, Veterinary Biological Research Institute, Hyderabad

The performance and profitability of broilers largely depend on improved feed conversion Efficiency, body weight gain, absence of disease and low mortality. Liver preparations have an acknowledged role in achieving these objectives. The present study assesses the clinical efficacy of Hepatocare concentrate supplement (a product of Varsha multi tech, Bangalore) in commercial broilers on parameters of feed intake, feed conversion efficiency, body weight gain growth promotion, mortality, livability and disease resistance.
Materials & Methods
The study were conducted in 4000 commercial broilers, breed Cobb 400.Day old chicks were divided into two Groups as I & II, each consisting of 4000 birds and reared in separate sheds under standard managemental conditions in a well maintained broiler farm. Group I was kept as untreated control and Group II was given Hepatocare concentrate starter supplement @ 250 gm per ton of feed from day 1 to 28 and finisher supplement @ 250 gm per ton of feed from day 29 to disposal i.e., 42 days. No other performance promoter was administered either through feed or water throughout the period.The weekly data on mortality, body weight, feed consumption; feed conversion ratio and livability were recorded.
Results & Discussion
The feed consumption in the control group is 3795 gm per bird as against 3765 gm in the treated group, there is saving of 30 gm of feed per bird. The FCR in the control group is 1.91 as against 1.86 in the treated group; there is significant improvement in the FCR. The body weight gain in the treated group is 1980 gm per bird as against 2020 gm per bird in the treated group. Treated group showed 40 gm more weight per bird. The mortality recorded in the control group is 99 birds (2.47%) and in the treated group is 53 birds (1.32%), there is a difference of 1.15% in the total mortality. The livability in control group is 97.53% and in the treated group is 98.68%, there is improvement in the treated group.
The results of the present study indicate that Hepatocare being hepatostimulant, antioxidant lip protective, emulsifier and digestive enhancer in nature has exerted an overall beneficial effect in the treated group compared to control group.

Effect of HEPATO CARE Concentrate on
Broiler Performance

Dr. Ravindra Reddy
RR Labs, Hyderabad

HEPATO CARE Trial in Ross Broilers
Field Trial was conducted using hepatocare Liquid @ 10ml / 100 Birds 2days a week In Ross 308 birds having 3500 birds in Control and 3700 in Hepatocare groups during month of november.

Overall Performance of Broilers on 42nd day.
Conclusion : By using Hepatocare, Net saving was 1.16 Rs. considering cost of chicks, feed and medication.

Efficacy of HEPATO CARE Liquid in Comparison with
Herbal Liver Tonic

Field Trial was conducted using hepatocare Liquid @ 10ml / 100 Birds 2days a week In Ross 308 birds having 5000 birds in Herbal liver Tonic and 5000 in Hepatocare liquid groups.

Efficacy of HEPATO CARE Premix in Comparison with
Herbal Liver Tonic

Net gain in Hepatocare group was Rs 2.9/kg live Wt

Comparison of Hepatocare versions
Nandana Research and Training Institute
Controlled experiment was conducted in Cobb birds 6 replicates of 60 birds each per treatment for 35 days.