History of Success
History of Hepatocare began during inception of the company in 1995.

At that time though the concept of Liver tonic was not new, Hepatocare emerged as the first ever comprehensive solution having Liver stimulants, Lipotropic agents, liver regeneratives, Antioxidants and Mycotoxin management.

Poultry farmers started realizing the importance of Hepatocare in improving productive efficiency; be it a Broiler, Layer or Breeder.

In nearly two decades, Hepatocare traced path of success, being used by the mass and became the most popular and one of the largest brand of repute.

In the due course of time, Cattle and sheep/goat farmers started understanding the importance of using Hepatocare for quick relief from anorexia and indigestion.

Today Hepatocare is not just a single product, but an array of different dosage forms: Premix, Liquid, Boli, Injectable, syrup so on suiting to the different needs of different animal sp.

Any time, any disease Hepatocare reduces the mortality and enhances the effectiveness of treatment.

Liver being a very vital organ, we have done what best can be done through it.

However, the journey continues in providing different innovative versions of Hepatocare to match the physiological and pathological needs of different age groups.

In this compendium, we try to provide the broader outlook of diseases/disorders involving liver.

We have made an humble effort to update the maximum information on Hepatocare and results of various research.